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What is Telecom Fraud?

What is Telecom Fraud?

Plain and Simple.  Telecom fraud is theft!

So, you just received your monthly phone bill from your phone service provider.  What you expect to see is a total somewhere around 30 or 40 bucks.  However, to your amusement, you read "Total Due: $84,534.00" at the bottom of the bill.   After a lengthy conversation with a department that you didn't even know existed until now "The Fraud Management Department" you are informed that the bill is accurate your IP PBX has placed more than 100,000 minutes of outbound calls to Cuba and North Korea.  Furthermore, they want to know when and how you plan to pay.

Unfortunately, the scenario described above is not fictional and in no way exaggerated; more understated if anything.   As with anything connected to the public Internet these days, VoIP-based phone systems

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