Feature Codes

Below are the “*” codes used with MyOffice PBX. You can also create more as needed. If you do be sure to pick ones that are not currently in use.


Feature Code Name Detail
*1 Call Transfer Transfer a call to another extension
*2 Record Active Call  
*4 Attended Call Transfer Attended call transfer to another extension. After extension number press #
*411 Directory *DIR to dial by name.
*3472 DISA *DISA followed by Administrative PIN to receive a dial tone and call out
*67<phone number> Call Privacy Activate call privacy
*69 Call Return Call back the last incoming number
*732 Record *REC followed by Administrative PIN to record a message
*8[ext] Extension Intercom Page a specific extension.
*870 Redial Redial a number
*9171 Talking Date Current server date
*9170 Talking Time Current server time
*9172 Talking Date & Time Current server date & time
*925 Wakeup Call Schedule a wake-up call
*78 Enable DND Enable Do Not Disturb
*79 Disable DND Disable Do Not Disturb
*9888 FreeSWITCH Conference Connects to Cluecon Weekly
*0[ext] Speed Dial Speed Dial an extension
*21 Follow Me Set the Follow Me number
*72 Enable Call Forward Enables Call Forward
*73 Disable Call Forward Disables Call Forward
*74 Call Forward Toggle Call Forward enable/disable

Call Parking

Feature Code Name Detail
*5900 Valet Park Attended Transfer (park). The park extension will be played back to you
*5901-5999 Valet Un-Park Retrieve a Valet Parked call


Feature Code Name Detail
*8[ext] Extension Intercom Page a specific extension
*33 <ext> Eavesdrop Listen to the call. Press 1 for remote, 2 for local, 3 for full conversation
** <ext> Intercept an extension Intercept a specific extension


Feature Code Name Detail
*97 Voicemail The system detects the extension and will prompt for your password
*98 Check any Voicemail box The system will prompt for both your id (extension number) and password
*4000 Check any Voicemail box The system will prompt for both your id (extension number) and password
*99<extension> Send to Voicemail Send a call directly to voicemail


Feature Code Name Detail
*9192 Info Sends information to the console
*9193 Video Record Record Video
*9194 Video Playback Playback Video
*9195 Delay Echo Audio is played back after a slight delay
*9196 Echo Test Echo Test
*9197 Milliwatt Tone Tone Playback
*9664 Test MoH Test Music on Hold

*You also have the ability to create new feature codes