SIP Trunking Features

IPComms' Business SIP Trunking is a flexible and intelligent way to maximize voice services on your existing IP PBX.  We provide SIP connectivity between a business's IP PBX and the network, and route calls between networks to ensure your phones are always on, even if disaster strikes.  Here are some of the features you get with IPComms SIP trunking:


icon codec

Quality Codec Support

G.711 & G.729 codecs provide quality without sacrificing call quality. Standard G.711 calls require 64kbit/s per call while the G.729 codec compresses the payload to 8kbit/s, giving you up to eight (8) times the capacity on the same connection.


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Dynamic Load Balancing

With dynamic load-balancing, calls are routed evenly between two endpoints automatically. VoIP calls can be distributed between multiple call centers via SIP trunks or alternatively calls can be routed to a PSTN destination (forwarded to another phone number). Load-balancing is an effective way to manage your call volume and distribution during peak operation times.


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Automatic Fail-Over Routing

Automatic Fail-Over ensures your business communications will continue even if your primary SIP gateway goes down. If your primary internet connection fails, traffic is automatically rerouted through to an alternate location that you specify. We can also re-route your calls to a PSTN destination (e.g. mobile phone, P.O.T.S line, home phone etc...) if you wish. 



Nomadic e911 Support

Nomadic e911 adds e911 services to your local phone number (DID).  This allows you to associate a U.S. physical address to most U.S. phone numbers on our network.  So, when 911 is dialed, that address is displayed to the emergency operator.  You can edit the address at any time, to allow for changes in your device location.



PSTN Forwarding (off network)

For all SIP trunking DID services, you have the ability to enable PSTN forwarding. When enabled, we will bypass SIP trunk delivery and deliver your calls directly to the PSTN number you have set (cell phone or home phone for example). Outbound calling rates may apply.


icon cdrs

Call Detail Records

Call Data Records (CDRs) provides the ability to view call history and details over a specified time frame. The CDR details the Time of the call, the Duration of the Call and the Amount billed to the call if applicable. Call Data Records (CDRs) are useful for gaining insight into your business calling activity and calling patterns



Caller ID Name (CNAM)

CNAM pairs caller data with the name and number of the person calling you.  It is very similar to caller ID except that both the caller’s name and the calling number are displayed on the receiving end of the phone call. 


icon georgraphical

Geographic Location Independence

Traditional voice services are attached to a physical location, but the flexibility of SIP/VoIP allows call routing to any IP address worldwide, including home offices and softphones. So if you operate a business in San Francisco, for example, your customers in New York, Miami and Atlanta can dial a local number in their area code to reach your business.


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International Phone Numbers

International Direct Inward Dialing (DID/DDI) numbers provide access to phone numbers in countries around the world. With a DDI number, your business can create a virtual local presence in numerous major foreign cities in just minutes.


Additional Features:

  • Works with virtually any SIP based PBX
  • Completely scalable (up or down)
  • Easy online service provisioning
  • Bring your own bandwidth (BYOB)
  • Simple to follow sample configuration guides
  • Eliminates traditional phone circuits
  • Easy integration with gateways or IP PBXs
  • Inexpensive long distance 
  • Free local inbound calling
  • Emergency e911 capability
  • G.711 and G.729a CODECs
  • HD Voice Quality When Used with HD Phones
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery
  • Number Portability (keep your number)
  • Web Based Phone Number Mgt
  • Redundancy centered network
  • Detailed call detail records
  • High-call capacity trunks capability
  • Free & experienced technical support