If you own or operate an Asterisk PBX, trust us, security will be a priority for you... either now or later! If you only do one thing to secure your PBX, take this next piece of advice seriously! What ever you do, no matter how tempting it may be, Never, Never, Never...

... use the default passwords on any PBX. Password security is one of the easiest security measures you can take and by far one of the best ways to stop the top 99% of all hacks as weak password security is easily the most common way hackers enter IP PBX systems.

When installing your IP PBX, the very first step should be to replace both the username and passwords of any account with administrator access. Secondly, when creating user accounts, be sure not to use or allow easy to guess passwords like “1234”, “password”, “companyname1”, extension numbers, etc. Be sure to use strong and unique passwords. This can't be stressed enough.

As tempting and simple as it may be to use your business name with a single digit added to the end of it, don't do it. You would be surprised what these password detectors can figure out with just a little of your business information.

If you need help securing your PBX, contact a member of our technical support team. We'll be happy to help you secure your Asterisk PBX.

Written by : ipcomms