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PBX Feature Tutorials

Learn how to Setup and Manage PBX Features and APPS

Music on Hold

Music on hold can be in WAV or MP3 format. To play an MP3 file you must have mod_shout enabled on the ‘Modules’ tab. You can adjust the volume of the MP3 audio from the ‘Settings’ tab. For best performance upload 16 bit, 8/16/32/48 kHz mono WAV files.


  • Click the edit pencil on the right to customize music on hold options. This can be done on each kHz group.


  • Name: Choose a name. (default is needed for the defauly Music on Hold.)
  • Path: Path to where the music is.
  • Shuffle: True or False (If true and multiple music files will shuffle the play order.)
  • Sampling: The rate the music is encoded in.
  • Channels: Mono or Stereo.
  • Interval: Silence between files playing in milliseconds.
  • Timer Name: Best to keep as soft.
  • Chime File: The file you want to “chime in” while Music on Hold is playing.
  • Chime Frequency: Seconds between each “chime in”.
  • Chime Maximum: Max number attempts to “chime in”.
  • Domain: Select Global for all domains or the specific domain for only that domain.