Call Center

List of queues for the call center.


Call Center Queues

  • To add a Call Center Queue click the plus edit icon on the right
  • Once a Queue is created click the edit pencil icon on the right. At the top right you can view, stop, start, restart and save the queue

Call Center Agents

List of call center agents.

  • From Apps > Call Center click Agents at the top right to access Call Center Agents
  • Click the plus icon on the top right to add agents

Call Center Strategies

  • Agent With Least Talk Time: Rings the Agent will ring that has the least time talking.
  • Agent With Fewest Calls: Agent will ring that has the least calls.
  • Longest Idle Agent: The agent will ring who idles the longest depending on their tier level.
  • Ring All: All agents ring simultaneously.
  • Random: Rings Agents will ring randomly in not particular order.
  • Ring Progressively: Agents will ring the same as top-down and will progress until each agent ends up ringing.
  • Round Robin: Will ring the next agent available in line.
  • Sequentially By Agent Order: Agents will ring in a sequence by the tier and the tiers order.
  • Top Down: Agent rings in order starting from one.


Select agents from the drop down list and specify tier level and tier position.

Music On Hold

Select the desired hold music. Music on hold, streams and ringtones can be used.


Save the recording

Time base score

  • Queue: Caller in queue time will start. If the caller goes to another queue the time will start over.
  • System: Caller in queue will have their wait calculated as soon as they enter the system. If a caller chooses the wrong queue, when they get to the correct queue the timer won’t start over again.

Max Wait Time

A value of 0 is the default and equals an infinate amount of time. Any other numeric value is calculated in seconds.

Max Wait Time with No Agent

Enter the max wait time with no agent. FusionPBX sets the default to 90 seconds and the Timeout Action will be used if there are no agents available.

Max Wait Time with No Agent Time Reached

Enter the max wait time with no agent. FusionPBX sets the default to 30 seconds and the Timeout Action will be used if there are no agents available.

Timeout Action

Set the action to perform when the max wait time is reached.

Tier Rules Apply

  • True: Set the tier rule rules apply to true. The defined tiers will be used.
  • False: Set the tier rule rules apply to false. All tiers will be used.

Tier Rule Wait Second

30 seconds is default. Enter the tier rule wait seconds.

Tier Rule Wait Multiply Level

  • True: The amount of seconds the caller waits until the next tier. This value will increase(multiply) if Tier Rule Wait Multiply Level is marked true.
  • False: Tier Rule Wait Multiply Level is marked false then after the set amount of seconds pass the tiers in order will execute with no wait.

Tier Rule No Agent No Wait

  • True: Setting is enabled.
  • False: Setting is disabled.

Discard Abandoned After

Default is 900 seconds. Sets the discard abandonded after seconds.

Abandoned Resume Allowed

  • True: Setting is enabled. Permits a call to resume their posistion in the queue but only in the amount of seconds set in discard abandonded after .
  • False: Setting is disabled.

Caller ID Name Prefix

Set a prefix on the caller ID name.

Announce Sound

A sound to play to a caller every announce sound seconds. Needs the full path to the wave file.

Announce Frequency

How often the announce sound is played in seconds.

Exit Key

Keys to quit the current queue waiting.


Enter a description to help organize and define what the queue is for.

Agent Call Center Login

Agents can login to call center with *22 from the phone or via the FusionPBX web interface. Admin and Super Admin accounts can also log other agents in or out.