To edit voicemail settings click the pencil edit icon on the right of the extension number.


Here you can edit voicemail settings.

  • Play Tutorial- Play the voicemail tutorial after the next voicemail login
  • Greeting- When you dial *97, record a greeting and set a number you can choose which greeting to use
  • Alternate Greet ID- An alternative greet id used in the default greeting
  • Options- Define caller options for the voicemail greeting
  • Mail to- have voicemails emailed to this address
  • Voicemail File- Select a listening option to be included in the email notification
  • Keep Local- Choose whether to keep the voicemail in the system after sending the email notification
  • Forward Destinations- Forward voicemail messages to additional destinations
  • Enabled- Enable or disable the voicemail box



You can gain remote access to voicemail by interrupting the greeting message by pressing “*” and entering the password is disabled by default.

Voicemail Options

To access an extensions voicemail away from the extension.

  • Dial the extension and interrupt the greeting with the *star key.
*97 To access that extensions voicemail from the extension or the voicemail button
*98 To access any extensions voicemail
*99[ext] To access a specific extension voicemail
  Main Menu
press 5 For advanced options
  Advanced Options
press 1 Record a greeting
press 2 Choose a greeting
press 3 Record name
press 6 Change password
press 0 For the main menu