Asterisk® 12

How to install the new version of asterisk is quite simple. If you are already familiar with updating it, you have nothing to worry about. The installation should go smoothly. If you are not familiar with it here are some of the steps.

  • If you are using a freePBX (PBX in a flash) platform, you can skip the process of installing extra software like gcc or autoconf

Installation Process

    • Go into the directory, Command:cd /usr/src
    • Command: yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

Install pjproject

Install Asterisk 12

    • cd/usr/src
    • svn co
    • yum install sqlite-devel
    • cd asterisk-12.0.0
    • ./contrib/scripts/install..prereq install
    • ./configure --without-pwlib
    • make menuselect(optional) "cmenuselect"(worked for Asterisk 12)
    • make & make install

Go back to the asterisk directory, it should be /usr/src/asterisk-12.0.0/

Be sure to run the install..prereq in ./contrib/scripts/install..prereq install

Compile asterisk

    • ./configure --without-pwlib
    • make menuselect(for asterisk modification)
    • make
    • make install