PBX in a Flash/FreePBX Installation, Setup & SIP Trunk Configuration

PBX in a Flash, trixbox and Elastix are open source user interfaces for the management and configuration of Asterisk PBXs. The Asterisk Admininistration GUI interface can differ depending on which version chosen. Using the Asterisk Administration Interface you can configure most of Asterisk's features without editing the actual command line configuration files. You can also setup advanced options like call routing, voicemail, and more via the GUI Interface. Below are some examples of common procedures you might require. You can download the Trixbox, Elastix, and PBX in a Flash software directly from their respective websites.

How to update theFreePBX® GUI to 2.11

The update process to version 2.11 is very similar to the update of 2.10. The overall look of the GUI has not changed since the previous update, but some of the modules were cleaned up and reorganized.

  1. To begin navigate to the Module Admin this can be found in the Admin menu.
  2. Select Check Online
  3. Download the 2.11 Upgrade Tool
  4. After downloaded open the tool up and select Upgrade Now.
  5. First you will need to update the FreePBX Framework.
  6. Next upgrade the FreePBX ARI Framework
  7. Next upgrade the Core
  8. After installing the previous modules, all other systems module's will be updated.
  9. Updating all other modules in the system may take a few minutes. Then be sure to Apply Changes

Review of FreePBX 2.11

While there was no major change in the interface, there were some bug fixes and improved efficiency


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