How to setup Call Queues,Groups, and the Digital Receptionist

Ring Groups and Call Queues

One of the important features of a Full-fledged PBX is brought out through the use of an IVR/Digital Receptionist/AA. After completing basic setup it is time to build some of the other important features within the PBX.

If you have not activated the license, be sure to do so as this will unlock several features such as: Ring Groups, Dial Codes, and many other features within the Advanced Settings tab.

Setting up a Ring Group

  1. Ring Groups contain 3 main sections: General, Ring Group Members, and Destination if no answerInside the General we will create a Name and Ring Strategy
  2. Next we will add our extensions to the group, and set their priority.
  3. The last thing that needs to be done is set the destination for unanswered calls to go, calls can be sent to different destinations such as: Extensions, Queues/Ring Groups, Digital Receptionist, Extension Voicemail box, or an outside number.
  4. Repeat this process to create additional groups

Setting up Call Queues

  1. Creating Call Queues consists of the following Settings: General, Call Queue Agents, Destination if no answer, and other options.
  2. To begin we will create a Name, Polling Strategy, and Ring Timeout.
  3. Next we will add our extensions as part of the queue.
  4. After adding our extensions we will choose the Destination if now answer this destination can also be reached if the caller presses the *button.
  5. Next we can choose some additional options like the Maximum Queue Wait Time.

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