How to make Phone Calls with your iPad,iPhone, and iTouch

Installing and Configuring IPComms Service with 3CX for iPhone


  1. Go to the Appstore and download 3CX
  2. Select install
  3. The app will be installed automatically, if you are on your Apple Device

Configuring 3CX for iPhone

After you have installed 3CXPhone for iPhone, you must configure it with your IPComms (VoIP Provider) in order to make and receive calls. After you have obtained an account with IPComms, you must proceed to configure a connection to that account in 3CX as follows:

  1. Start 3CX by clicking on the 3CX logo, you will be prompted to create a new profile or use provisioning. To create a new profile manually click on Create Profile.
    1. Configure Name and Authentication Information as follows:
    2. Name: Configure a name to identify this account.
    3. Display Name: Enter your First and Last name here. This is what other callers will see.
    4. User: Enter your Phone Number (DID)
    5. ID: Enter your Phone Number (DID)
    6. Password: Enter the password you were given on your account for the current phone number.
  2. Configure User as (SIP Account)

    There are three states: 1)In Office 2)Out of Office Tunnel 3)SIP Account

  3. Leave the LOCAL PBX IP field blank
  4. Next enter your SIP Domain into the EXTERNAL PBX IP field. (ex.
  5. Make no changes to STUN or Proxy
  6. Click Done to create the new connection profile. This profile will now be displayed in the "Profiles" page. The account will also show up on the top right hand side of the dialer window.

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