PBX in a Flash/FreePBX Installation, Setup & SIP Trunk Configuration

PBX in a Flash, trixbox and Elastix are open source user interfaces for the management and configuration of Asterisk PBXs. The Asterisk Admininistration GUI interface can differ depending on which version chosen. Using the Asterisk Administration Interface you can configure most of Asterisk's features without editing the actual command line configuration files. You can also setup advanced options like call routing, voicemail, and more via the GUI Interface. Below are some examples of common procedures you might require. You can download the Trixbox, Elastix, and PBX in a Flash software directly from their respective websites.

Update FreePBX®  to 2.10

The main change from the 2.9 to 2.10 update is the layout of the menu buttons inside the GUI. Initially they were on the left hand side inside collapsible folders, now they are on the top of the page with drop down items.

      1. After logging in go to the ToolsTab and select Module Admin.
      2. Next select the Check Online
      3. Select the 2.10 Upgrade Tool inside the Admin section.
      4. Next select Process then Confirm
      5. Next go to the 2.10 Upgrade Tool inside the Tools.
      6. Then select Upgrade Now
      7. Next you will be given steps on how to complete the upgrade. Make sure to follow the instructions.

Next follow the instructions from the 2.10 Upgrade Tool

    1. First go to the Module Admin page and select Check Online, from there you will see an available upgrade. Simply select the Download and Upgrade to then select Process
    2. Next select Confirm. From there you will see a dialog box pop up with the changes being made.
    3. After the core of 2.10 has been installed you will see a few more modules appear.
    4. All modules can be updated at once, but for the purpose of this tutorial they will be done in blocks.
  • First we will Download and Upgrade to the Core, then Process the request.
  • After Confirming, a dialog box will appear near the middle of the screen.
  • After upgrading the Core the 2.11 Upgrade Tool will appear.
  • Next select to Upgrade to and Enable the FreePBX® Framewordk and the FreePBX ARI Framework
  • Finally select Upgrade all this will upgrade all other modules to 2.10 then Process


Review of 2.10

The layout of the 2.10 GUI has changed the layout and placement of the menu items from the left hand side as expandable items to a single row on the top with fewer items. Several items were also moved around,so be sure to take some time to re-navigate through the Menu's. There are no longer separate Menu's to navigate through to go Setup and Tools. Overall the management of Asterisk and file management has improved from 2.9 to 2.10.


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