Hosted Call Center Features

IPComms' Business SIP Trunking is a flexible and intelligent way to maximize voice services on your existing IP PBX.  We provide SIP connectivity between a business's IP PBX and the network, and route calls between networks to ensure your phones are always on, even if disaster strikes.  Here are some of the features you get with IPComms SIP trunking:

Feature Descriptions


icon broadcast (2)

Call Broadcasting

Call Broadcasting lets you create a recording, select one or more groups to call, then have the system automatically call the list and play the recording.

icon blocking

Call Blocking

Block inbound calls by the caller id.

icon forwarding

Call Forward

Forward to another extension or to any phone number.

icon contactpeople

Contact Manager

Manage your contacts. Import contacts from Outlook CSV files. Export contacts to your cell phone with QR Codes. It is also possible to add additional features like time cards and invoices that can be related to the contacts.

icon monitor

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring allows you to view which extensions are currently on an active call (i.e. View Active Extensions).

icon queue1

Call Queuing

Call queuing places your inbound calls on hold and in line (in queue) while your agents or employees finish with current calls. The queued calls are then forwarded to the next available agent in the order received. 

icon record

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls. Listen to past call recordings at any time.  Helps with quality assurance and compliance monitoring.

icon callroute

Call Routing

Call Routing delivers calls to different locations or perform actions based on the caller id received or other call information. 

icon forwarding

Call Transfer

Forward to another extension or to any phone number (Announced & Blind Transfer).

icon group4

Conference Bridge

Call conferencing allows groups of people to participate in single phone call simultaneously and can be optionally secure with a PIN number. Interactive conference control provides volume control, who's talking, kick, mute, unmute, deaf, undeaf, and more.

icon dialbyname


Dial-by-name allows an incoming caller to to find extension numbers on the system by searching for an employee or agent by first name or last name.

icon donotdisturg

Do not disturb

Do not disturb sends calls directly to voicemail.

icon eavesdrop


Eavesdropping gives an administrator the ability to listen-in  (eaves drop) on a call and the option to barge in on the call.

icon fax


Provides the ability to receive incomming faxes as email. 

icon findme

Follow me

Follow Me allows an agent/employee to be reached at any of several phone numbers (i.e. ring a desk phone for so many rings then try a cell phone...).

icon hotdesk

Hot Desking

Login to an a registered phone and make and receive calls at a remote desk as if you were sitting at your normal extension. Allows workers to work from any desk, rather than having specific desk assignments.


Hunt Groups

Hunt groups enable the ringing of multiple internal extensions as well as  external numbers simultaneously or in succession (hunt groups). 

icon route2

IVR Menu (Auto Attendant) 

Inbound calls can be played a recording that gives customers options with extensions that can be dialed. The options can send calls to local extensions, voicemail, conference numbers, queues, or external numbers like a cell phone.

icon musiconhold


Upload custom music or even a business sales message via any wav or mp3 file including.  

icon remoteoffice

Remote Office 

Phones can register from any/multiple georgraphic locations that is IP accessible.

icon callerid2

Route By Caller ID

Incoming calls can be routed based on the destination number, Caller ID, and other factors.

icon timedate

Time-of-Day Routing

Time-of-Day routing enables different call routing rules based on time-of-day or day-of-week.  Great for directing after hours calls to custom announcements or even to a third shift employee phone.


Valet Parking

Valet Parking (Call Park) allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set.


Voice Mail

Access voicemail from anywhere via phone or voicemail messages can be sent as an email attachment.


IPComms SIP Trunks Also Include:

  • Works with virtually any SIP based PBX
  • Completely scalable (up or down)
  • Easy online service provisioning
  • Bring your own bandwidth (BYOB)
  • Simple to follow sample configuration guides
  • Eliminates traditional phone circuits
  • Easy integration with gateways or IP PBXs
  • Inexpensive long distance 
  • Free local inbound calling
  • Emergency e911 capability
  • G.711 and G.729a CODECs
  • HD Voice Quality When Used with HD Phones
  • Built in Disaster Recovery
  • Number Portability (keep your number)
  • Web Based Phone Number Mgt
  • Redundancy centered network
  • Detailed call detail records
  • High-call capacity trunks capability
  • Free & experienced technical support