• How do I register my SIP phone to my Asterisk PBX?

    Issue:  I want to register my phone via SIP to my Asterisk pbx.
    Resolution:SIP phone registration allows a SIP phone to communicate with it's PBX "Yo PBX, I am Jack's phone... and my username and password is.....  and if you get any calls that are for me, send them to this IP address."

    You might be able to find information regarding setting up your specific model phone in or Sample Config page.  However, this is a list of common settings you'll need to place in your phone's settings:

    • Registrar/Registration Server - The location of the server which the phone should register to. This should be set to the IP address of your Asterisk system.
    • SIP User Name/Account Name/Address - The SIP username on the remote system. This should be set to demo-alice on one phone and demo-bob on the other. This username corresponds directly to the section name in square brackets in sip.conf.
    • SIP Authentication User/Auth User - On Asterisk-based systems, this will be the same as the SIP user name above.
    • Proxy Server/Outbound Proxy Server - This is the server with which your phone communicates to make outside calls. This should be set to the IP address of your Asterisk system.