Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for VoIP Businesses

Disaster recovery options are vital when implementing business communications.  IPComms provides safeguards to your SIP and VoIP services such as automatic fail-over routing and dynamic load-balancing to ensure your business remains operational even in the event of a disaster or network failure.  These services are provided at no additional cost, and can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to operating a business.


Basic Routing

Most IPComms services are based on basic SIP/VoIP call delivery.  We can deliver calls using a SIP URI or directly to an IP Address (with authentication). 


PSTN Forwarding

All of our inbound phone numbers can be forwarded to a standard mobile or land-line phone. You can forward your calls to any of your existing phone number (mobile, landline, or PBX). Change your forwarding settings anytime with our online account management system. 



With dynamic load-balancing, calls are routed evenly between two endpoints automatically. VoIP calls can be distributed between multiple call centers via SIP trunks or alternatively calls can be routed to a PSTN destination (forwarded to another phone number). Load balancing alleviates calling traffic congestion on a single phone system by automatically routing calls between multiple VoIP endpoints.  Load-balancing is an effective way to manage your call volume and distribution during peak operation times.  

SIP Trunking Load Balancing

Automatic Fail-Over Routing

In the event of a service disruption on the network, our dynamic fail-over solution is designed to redirect voice traffic to a separate business destination automatically. If your primary data connection (such as the Internet or wide area network) fails, traffic is automatically rerouted through to an alternate location that you specify. We can also re-route your calls to a PSTN destination (e.g. mobile phone, P.O.T.S line, home phone etc...) if you wish.  Dynamic fail-over trunking ensures your business communications will continue even if your primary SIP gateway goes down (IP outage, power loss etc...).  

SIP Trunking Fail-Over Routing

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