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Enter the follwing Information in the VoIP Provider Field

    1. Name of Provider: IPComms
    2. Country: Generic
    3. Provider: Generic VoIP Provider.

After entering the information enter the Trunk Details:

    • x.ipcomms.net (Login to your account or open your Provisioning Letter to find your server/domain)

Next enter the Account Details

    1. External Number: SIP User (NPANXXXXXX)
    2. Authentication ID (aka SIP User ID): SIP Username
    3. Authentication Password: Password assigned in Provisioning Letter.

Office Hours

    1. Here you will configure where calls will go during office hours

Next create an Outbound Call Rule

    1. Create a Rule Name
    2. Here you also have the ability to create routes and strip digits. This rule may be completed at a later time.

Now we will Add our DID, this is done by Inbound Rules->Add DID.

    1. Create a Inbound Rule Name, this will appear on inbound calls
    2. DID/DDI number/mask: NPA-NXX-XXXX This will be your DID
    3. Select the Provider (IPComms) in the Available Ports field
    4. Lastly choose the location for the DID to route

Creating and Registering an Extension

    1. After creating the extension's User Information go to the 3CXPhone Tab, and inside the Configure default phone to use in 3CXPhone for Windows select Inbuilt Softphone.
    2. After selecting apply you will see the Extension Created as well as the Proxy Server, Extension Number, Authentication ID, and the Authentication Password.


Click here for a complete manual of the 3CX Phone System

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