How do I use Auto-Refill?


Auto-refill is available with most pay-as-you-go prepaid services.  

In order to use Auto-Refill, you will need a valid credit card on file in your account.

  1. Locate Auto-Refill by navigating to main menu and selecting Auto-Refill.

  2. Under "Activate Auto-Refill, select "Yes"

  3. In the dropdown menu next to "When I have", choose the amount that will trigger the Auto-Refill function (the THRESHOLD amount).

  4. In the dropdown menu next to "Auto Recharge" choose the amount that you want to add to your current available credit balance(the RECHARGE amount).

  5. Select your payment method "Credit Card or Paypal" and click "Continue".

For example, you can it up so that when your credit balance drops equal to or below $10.00, we will automatically charge your credit card an additional $50.  Once this is performed, a receipt via email of the transaction will be sent to the email address you have listed on your account.