What is a mobile terminating charge?

Many telecommunications companies outside the United States now impose additional fees to complete telephone calls to wireless devices, including mobile phones, pagers, personal computers and personal digital assistants. These additional fees also apply to ranges of telephone numbers for special services as designated by the foreign telephone administration (e.g., Premium Rated Services); such special services may or may not be wireless. In order to recover these additional fees, IPComms adds a mobile termination charge to all calls completed to wireless devices and special services in the affected countries. The charge amount varies by country and applies to all calls that are placed to a wireless device or special service. The customer will see only one per-minute price on their bill for a call where this charge applies. This single per-minute price is a combination of our international dialing rate and the mobile termination charge. This information may change from time-to-time. Be sure to check the codes and rates periodically for current information.

If a customer calls an overseas landline number and the call is forwarded to a mobile number where the additional change applies, then the customer will be billed the mobile terminating rate. "Dialed Digits" are the prefix numbers in the dialed number that identify the call as one to a mobile number or to a specialized service. (Exceptions: Mexico requires a "1" to be included after the country code (52) in the dialing sequence to reach a mobile device; Thailand requires an "8" after the country code "66").