What is IPComms 911 Acknowledgement?

We are required by the FCC to ensure that you understand and acknowledge that IPComms’s 911 emergency Service has certain limitations and works differently when compared to traditional 911 emergency service. IPComms’s 911 emergency Service limitations and the way IPComms deploys its 911 emergency Service may make IPComms unsuitable to some users.  You should carefully evaluate IPComms’s 911 emergency Service limitations when deciding to activate IPComms’s Service.  You agree and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to select a 911 emergency service provider best suited to meet your emergency calling needs, and to make the necessary arrangements for accessing emergency calling services, such as maintaining a traditional phone line or cellular (mobile) phone as a backup means for your emergency calls.  By entering into this Agreement, You will be presumed to have assumed the risk of losing 911 emergency dialing capabilities and agree to provide your telephone number and other identifying information to 911 emergency authorities as you deem necessary (in your sole opinion and discretion) in case of an emergency.  IPComms assumes no liability for the failure of E911 to perform and assumes no liability if you move and do not update your E911 address information.

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