Will my phone number be listed in the 411 directory or the Whitepages?

No. Your phone numbers you order or transfer to IPComms will be listed with Directory Services, or in the White or Yellow Pages. 

However, there are online services that will allow you to list your business yourself.  

Here are a few:

  • Register your number for free online with List Yourself! (http://vip1.411listyourself.com). They advertise this as a "free listing service for the unlisted," which is another of way of saying it's simply a way to publish your business number independent of your carrier. Click on their link "Click Here to be Listed!" and fill out the form. After submitting your information, List Yourself! validates your information, then forwards it to directory assistance for all major carriers.
  • Add a free business phone number listing to Fast411.com (http://www.fast411.com/). Fast411.com advertises that its database contains 25 million local businesses and over 205 million residential listings covering all U.S. cities and towns nationwide. Your free business listing will be accessible via the Internet and mobile phones.
  • Add a free business phone number listing to yellowpages.com (http://listings.yellowpages.com/). For a fee, you can upgrade your listing to include a video profile, premium placement, an enhanced search program, and a website.