Cloud PBX for Contractors

Business Phone Service for Mobile Businesses

Whether you’re a painter, roofer, landscaper or remodeler, it’s likely that most of your day is spent working at a job site at, following up on new leads or providing service estimates to potential new clients. All of these daily activities are made possible by the most important tool you own… you cell phone.  Cell phones have all but eliminated the days of running your business from behind a desk. However, as valuable as cell phones have become, they still leave a lot to be desired when it comes to operating a constantly moving business.


Cell phones and even home phones simply don’t have the ability to manage your business communications effectively on their own. The second a customer dials your phone number, they begin evaluating you and your business. Many new sales opportunities have been won or lost in the first few seconds of a phone conversation. So, it’s vital that your business make the best impression possible every single time a customer calls.

MyOffice PBX enables your small business or even not-so-small business to compete on a big-business level, without the big-business cost. This is how it works:

  • Simply choose a local or toll-free number or use your existing phone number.

  • Record a professional main greeting

  • Create departments and assign virtual extensions to employee cell phones

It’s that easy!

Now, when your callers dial in, they’re immediately greeted by a professional custom recording that you specify, something like this:

“Thank you for calling Reliable One Roofing. To schedule an estimate, dial one or to speak with a member of our team please hold the line…” 

Once they’ve made their selection, MyOffice PBX will route the call to the appropriate Virtual Extension – whether it’s a cell, home or office phone. Even if you’re a one-man shop, you can create multiple departments (sales, customer service or billing for example) and have all the calls routed to a single or even multiple cell phones.

With MyOffice PBX, not only can you sound more professional and much more organized, but you can vastly increase the hours in which your business is available to your customers.  With features like automated-attendant, custom greetings and time based rules, you can make your company and its products available to your customers even after business hours.

But that’s just the beginning; we offer even more features like music on hold, voicemail-to-email, call transfer, call recording and much, much more!

So, it’s time to get serious about your business communications and let you customers know that you’re well-organized and well-established by taking advantage of the same phone system features made available to fortune 500 companies at just a fraction of the cost.

MyOffice PBX, your phone system ….in the cloud!