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Unlimited Inbound DIDs with No Per-Minute Fees!

IPDID delivers local phone numbers to any SIP device with free and unlimited inbound calling, just convenient pay-per-trunk billing.  

Starting at just $9.99/month
Add USA/CAN outbound just 1¢ per minute*.

icon inbound 

SIP Trunk
Add USA/CAN outbound just 1¢ per minute*.
30-Day Risk Free Trial


STEP 2. Add Phone Numbers

icon dids 

Local numbers just $1.99/month each.
(as low as 50¢ each with 24 lines or more)
  • Custom
  • 5-Lines
  • 12-Lines
  • 22-Lines
2-Line SIP Trunk
JUST $4.99/Month
Includes 2 Lines & 1 USA Number
(Add Ports & Numbers as needed.)

Let's Get Started!
5-Line SIP Trunk
JUST $29.99/month
Includes 5 Lines & 1 USA Number
(Add Ports & Numbers as needed.)

Let's Get Started!
12-Line SIP Trunk
JUST $67.99/month
Includes 12 Lines & 1 USA Number
(Add Ports & Numbers as needed.)

Let's Get Started!
22-Line SIP Trunk
JUST $120/month
Includes 22 Lines & 1 USA Number
(Add'l Numbers just 50¢ each.)

Let's Get Started!


Add these features to your trunk at any time.

Additional Line

(1 line = 1 concurrent call)

icon usa

with 24 lines or more
<24 Lines is $1.99/mo.

icon internationalcalling

Canada $3.49/month
$0 per minute

icon canada
Toll-Free Number

3¢ per minute

icon canada

(0¢ per minute)

icon 9111Emergency 911 Number

See 911 limitations

E911 service for all US and Canada phone numbers.

E911 is $1.00 per e911 number.

Forward your calls to any of your existing phone numbers (e.g. office, mobile, phone etc.) 

PSTN Forwarding adds 1¢/minute to each call.

Maintain the same phone number even upon changing from your existing service provider. Learn more about LNPs.

LNPs are just $8.00 per number (one-time fee).

Select local numbers in any country we service and we'll deliver them via your SIP trunk. Learn more about international phone numbers.

International numbers are just $4.99/mo. each.

Vanity toll free phone numbers make your phone number memorable (e.g. 1-800-5-SIPTRUNK). Learn more about Vanity Toll Free Numbers.

Vanity Numbers are just $25 each (one-time fee).

T38 enables you to send a fax over a data network (FoIP). It is needed because fax data can not be sent over an IP network in the same way as voice communications.

Standard feature.

CNAM pairs caller data and see the name and number of the person calling you. It is very similar to caller ID except that both the caller’s name and the calling number are displayed on the receiving end of the phone call.

Standard feature.

Route calls evenly between two endpoints automatically.

Standard feature.

Redirect voice traffic to a separate business destination automatically in case of outage.

Standard feature.

We support both G.711 and G.729 codecs for your VoIP devices.

Standard feature.

Call Data Records (CDRs) are useful in understanding your daily communications and can also give you a clear insite into your  business activities.

Standard feature.

If you are unsatisfied with your IP Communications service for any reason within the first 30 days after signing up , you can cancel and we will give you a full refund - minus any minutes used. See 30-Day Money Back Details

Standard feature.
  1. To begin, let us know what number you wish to have transferred, and we will check to see if that number is transferable.
  2. Once we have verified that your phone number is transferable, simply download and fill-out our Local Number Porting form detailing your name, service address, and billing telephone number and return it to us to continue your transfer request.
  3. Once the request has been processed, you will be notified via email of all status changes.

It depends on the type of service you purchase. Pricing will be detailed on individual product pages.



SIP delivered local, nationwide, and int'l phone numbers

IPDID Local Origination service provides inbound calling from thousands of locations throughout the United States, Canada, and countries worldwide with absolutely no per-minute fees. Our SIP Delivered Phone Numbers (DID Numbers) can provide your business a virtual presence in any location we service virtually overnight.

DID phone numbers

Choose local DID Numbers (virtual numbers) from over 8000 service locations throughout the USA, Canada, and cities worldwide.

Low cost outbound calling.

You can add outbound USA/CAN SIP calling for just 1¢ per minute.


International phone numbers

Looking to build an international business presence? IPComms provides DDI phone numbers any many worldwide locations.

Transfer your existing numbers

We can port (transfer) any toll-free phone number and most local phone numbers from your existing provider to our network.


A better network, for better features.


Additional Information
(1) US and Canada only. Reasonable use policies apply on all plans.

(2) 30-day free trial is only available to new subscribers with 2 or more users.
(3) Toll-free minutes billed at 2.2¢/min.
(4) International calls will be charged at the current rates published in our international rates table. Rates are subject to change at any time.
 (5) IPComms 911 is a VoIP service and operates differently than traditional 911 services. Learn more about IPComms 911 service. If you do not agree to IPComms' 911 Limitations Acknowledgement, you are not authorized to use any of IPComms services.
 (6) Price for USA numbers with 24 lines or more is $0.50/month each.  With less than 24 lines, USA phone numbers are $1.99/month each.

*Please note: All pricing is subject to applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. Applicable taxes vary by product, state and region.  Federal Universal Service Fund varies Quarterly.



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