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There's no shame in second place route

There's no shame in second place!

If we can't earn your business today, our hope is that we might in the future. Our SIP Backup Solution  allows you to keep your existing VoIP service provider and simply place IPComms in that, all-but-forgotten, secondary/backup SIP route in your IP PBX.  

Think about it, most airplanes have more than one engine - shouldn't your business phone system?  Placing IPComms in your PBX as a backup to your primary provider gives you the added comfort of knowing that if your current VoIP service provider fails, you have another (we feel even better) provider at the ready.  We'll take second place for now, however, if your current VoIP provider happens to fail, or simply just isn't cutting it anymore (raises your prices, drops your calls, or just not appreciating your business), we'll be ready to pick up where they left off with virtually zero downtime.  No calling, no turn-up times, no contracts and no commitments.  Just put us in route, and watch us do our thing.  Best of all, it's free to setup, we'll even give you some free calling credits to help you get started.  

Just contact us and let us know that you would like to configure IPComms as a Backup SIP provider in your IP PBX and we'll gladly help you setup your free SIP Backup account and also assist you in configuring your PBX's fail-over route with our network information. 


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 How do I make IPComms my secondary SIP provider?

When you choose to place IPComms as your secondary routing solution for your IP PBX, we'll simply provide you with all technical details and credentials needed to connect your PBX to our network.

For outbound calls:  You'll simply configure your PBX to reroute calls to us in case of your primary SIP provider fails (most PBXs have this functionality already).  In most cases, you can choose to make this an an automatic or manual process.  During a failure, your calls are routed to our network until your primary provider's outage has been resolved. 

For inbound calls:  The process is the same for inbound calls with one exception.  During an outage, you'll need to notify your primary provider to forward inbound calls to the phone number(s) we provide you.  The inbound call will then be forwarded to IPComms and delivered to your PBX via our SIP trunk.  You'll just need to decide how many numbers you'll need to adequately route your calls. 

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