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Eliminate seperate voice and data connections with SIP Trunking from IPComms.

SIP trunks provide is huge cost savings to the typical business, by consolidating their seperate voice and data services onto their existing broadband Internet connection. This merged Voice over IP Communications solution provides access to reduced rate calling plans as well as other features and services not available on traditional telephony services like non-geographic phone numbers, automatic failover routing, dynamic load balancing and much more.

Migrate to SIP trunking at your own pace

With SIP Trunking, you can keep your existing phone equipment and its associated features. Since the technology is virtual and software-based, disruption is minimal. Our team of expert technical consultants can help you plan, design and implement the optimal SIP trunking solution that meets your unique needs. For example, we can provide solutions that support branch offices without requiring additional hardware, or that allow for alternate access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as backup.


IPComms has a variety of calling plans to fit your business needs:

  • IPDID Local OriginationIPDID Local Origination aggregates local numbers from over 8000 rate centers throughout the USA, Canada, as well as many locations worldwide and delivers the calls made to these number to your IP PBX via SIP trunks. IPDID starts at just $9.99/mo.* 

  • IP800 Toll Free ServiceWith IP800 Toll Free Service, you can get a toll free phone number in just minutes. Whether you choose a new toll free number, or transfer an existing number to us, we'll forward the calls made to your toll free number via a SIP trunk. Inbound calls for IP800 are just 1.5¢ per minute.

  • TalkinIP Outbound TerminationTalkinIP is a SIP trunking based Pay-As-You-Go outbound calling service and provides high quality voice termination suitable for business or personal use. Get started for as little as $15 prepaid credit!

  • Two-Way Business TrunksTwo-Way Business Trunks are the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses that prefer a predictable monthly phone bill. Two-Way Business Trunks provide unlimited local inbound calling with up to 3000 minutes of domestic outbound calling per line!