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FreePBX EndPoint Manager

EndPoint Manager

EndPoint Manager is a module within FreePBX®, that can be used to install and provision IP phones as well as manage firmware updates. This is a very useful tool that works with the most of the major brands. As an example we will setup a Cisco phone, to begin select Install on Cisco. Next, you will see available models for that brand, select Enable for your current model. Next, go to the Advanced Settings and set the IP Address of the PBX, and set the directory where phones will update the firmware from.

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Trunk Configuration with PBX in a Flash

Today we will be configuring a Trunk for service with IPComms, to begin we simply copy and paste the information from your registration.

  1. After entering your Trunk Configuration information, click Save Changes.
  2. To check any information you have entered simply go to FreePBX System Status, from here you will be able to see any IP Phones and IP Trunks that are online, as well as some other information about your PBX.
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IPComms SIP Trunk Registration (Asterisk/FreePBX)

IPComms SIP Trunk Registration (Asterisk/FreePBX)

The first step in making and receiving phone calls using the IPComms SIP trunking network is registering your SIP device to our network using SIP registration. This article will cover registering your Asterisk PBX to IPComms using SIP IP Authentication.

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