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#2 Create Your First Extension

No matter what your plans are for your new PBX, your first step will almost always be to create extensions.  Extensions are basically phones, or other user devices used to receive and make phone calls.  So let's begin creating your first extension.

Begin by logging into MyOffice PBX and going to Accounts then click Extensions



From there, click the


on the right.




Enter the desired extension number and click save.  Alternatively, if you are creating multiple extensions, you could select how many extensions you wish to create, starting with the "Starting Extension" you entered above by using the "Range" drop-down box. This can be done again later if you need additional extensions.

When finished, click save.  




We now have extensions. 


You can customize internal, external, caller id and other options by clicking the edit icon beside each new extension.


Here are a list of fields and their function:

  • Extenson: This is the extension number or name if used with Number Alias
  • Number Alias: Number extension if extension is a name
  • Password: mouse over to see the password
  • User List: Add a user for this extesnion to login to the FusionPBX GUI interface
  • Voicemail Password: Password for this extensions voicemail
  • Device Provisioning: Used for hardware devices like voip phones and ata’s
  • Account Code: Can be used for billing
  • Effective Caller ID Name: Used for internal caller id
  • Effective Caller ID Number: Used for internal caller id
  • Outbound Caller ID Name: Used for external (public) caller id
  • Outbound Caller ID Number: Used for external (public) caller id
  • Emergency Caller ID Name: Can be set to a national standard or local emergency entity
  • Emergency Caller ID Number: Can be set to a national standard or local emergency entity


Written by : ipcomms

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