Call Flows

How to setup Call Flows

The Call Flows can be found by going to Apps ⇒ Call Flows

Call Flows are used to direct calls between two destinations through the use of a Feature Code. You will hear either a beep or a buzz after the password has been entered.

By dialing the Feature Code listed below *30 the calls will automatically switch the Destination from the 8000-Fax Server to 2100-Bruce Wayne. After you have dialed the code you will be asked to enter the PIN Number List of PBX User Extensions

Time Conditions

How to setup Time conditions

Time Conditions can be setup to route calls to a specific destination(s) based off of the time. Time Conditions can be fully customized and can have multiple entries setup inside a single entry. Shown below is a typical 8am-5pm Monday-Friday schedule.

Time Conditions

After you have clicked Save you will be able to assign the Time Condition to any available Destinations.

Ring Groups

How to create a Ring Group

Ring Groups are used to ring multiple phones at once.Ring Groups are located under Apps→Ring Groups. When you create the initial Ring Group you will be able to add up to 5 destinations, if you would like to add more you will need to add the entry then click save.

Ring Group Setup

After the extensions have been entered you will see the list.

List of Ring Groups

If you have added multiple groups they will be listed in alphabetical order.

    Ring Group Strategy
  • Simultaneous:Rings all extensions listed
  • Sequence:The lowest order goes first
  • Enterprise: Works with Follow Me
  • Rollover:Calls destinations in sequence and skips extensions in use
  • Random:Extensions ring in a random order

Fax Setup

How to Setup Fax on FusionPBX

Inbound Fax can be setup to be used as an extension or as a direct line. We will setup a Fax Server you using the following information:

Setting up a Fax Server

After a fax server has been setup you will be able to see the quantity of servers as well as more tools. After clicking on the Tools you will be able to see more information on Sent and Received faxes.

List of Fax Servers

In order to setup a new fax message we will first click on New then enter the Fax Number and upload the Fax files. After the file has been uploaded you can Preview or Send the message.

New Fax Message

Call Broadcast

How to setup Call Broadcast

Call broadcast can be used to route multiple callers to a caller or destination through a single campaign. Call Broadcast is located under Apps→Ring Groups. When you create the initial Call Broadcast entry you will need to enter the following information then click save.

Call Broadcast Setup

After the data has been entered you will see the list of campaigns.

List of Call Broadcast Campaigns


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