Zoiper 3 (Windows)

Setting up Zoiper 3 Softphone

Zoiper Logo

Zoiper is a free softphone that can be ran on multiple platforms. Zoiper can be setup for the use of SIP, IAX or XMPP. To download Zoiper click Here. This link will provide a link to the operating systems available. There are multiple versions of Zoiper available both free and Paid. The newest version includes multiple skins, and revamped settings pages. If you chose to download the free version, you will still be available to upgrade there is a direct link inside the Premium tab.

Basic Device Configuration

Creating a new account may be done 2 different ways. Either through Settings -> Create a new account, or Settings -> Preferences -> Create account

  1. To begin select the protocol you will be using SIP.

  2. Zoiper 3 Account Type
  3. Next enter your account credentials, this can be found in your Provisioning Letter or by signing in to your account .
    • User: SIP Username
    • Password: your SIP Password
    • Domain: 2way.ipcomms.net

    Zoiper 3 Account Wizard

    If you would like to make any more changes, or add or remove any accounts this may be done through the Preferences tab.

    Zoiper 3 Account Preferences
Zoiper Review

The new update to Zoiper is a much more user friendly interface with multiple skins available. There is still the option to have multiple accounts present and active. Codec settings may also be setup per account instead of globally. While the software is free, there are multiple options that are locked down to the Zoiper Biz edition which cost around $45 and, has features such as: g729 and h264 codec, conferencing, call recording, transfer, Outlook on Windows, Presence, and unlimited number of accounts.

Zoiper (Android)

Setting up Zoiper for Android

Zoiper Logo

Zoiper is a free SIP client that supports both SIP and IAX calls over 3G or WiFi connections. Zoiper has a simple user interface, with few menu items. Zoiper can work on most devices that are 2.1 and up. To begin you will need to have the SIP client installed, if you do not, you can download it for Android here, or you can download it for iOS devices 4.3 and higher here.

Cost: Free


After opening the app you will be greeted with the Dialer screen.

Zoiper Dialer

Next go to the Config Tab and select Accounts

Zoiper Settings

In the Accounts Tab you will have the option to add and manage Accounts. Select Add then SIP

Zoiper Accounts

How to Configure your Account

To begin you will need your account information, then go to the Config tab, and select the Accounts then Add account

Account Name: IPComms this will be used as an identifier for the account

Host: 2way.ipcomms.net

Username: NPANXXXXXX (this will be your SIP User)

Password: Password (this is your SIP password)

Zoiper Account Settings


After testing this app on both 3G and WiFi networks, we were able to make and receive calls with no issues. Since the app integrates your phonebook, calls can be quickly made through the app to any of your contacts. This softphone does not contain any ads, which helps to not drain your battery.


Ekiga softphone


Ekiga is an open source softphone that can be used for Linux, and Windows.

    1. To begin click Edit then select Accounts

Ekiga Setup

    • Next click on Accounts then select Add a SIP Account.

Ekiga Setup

  • Enter your IPComms account information


    • Name : Enter your Account name
    • Register : Enter your domain (2way.ipcomms.net)
    • User : Enter your SIP User
    • Authentication User : Enter your SIP User
    • Password : Enter your SIP Password

Ekiga SIP Information

    • Next click OK after that you will see that your account is Registered to make and receive calls.

Ekiga Registered


Setting up X-Lite for Windows


X-Lite is a free softphone app made by Counterpath. X-Lite allows registration for one SIP account, and also allows the use of IM/Presence. X-Lite supports multiple audio and video codecs, as well as several firewall solutions.

How to Configure your Device


  1. To begin click on Softphone then click on Account Settings.

  2. Next you will enter your IPComms account information.
    • Account Name : Enter your account name
    • User ID : Enter your SIP User
    • Domain : Enter your SIP Domain/Proxy (Ex. 2way.ipcomms.net)
    • Password : Enter your SIP Password
    • Display Name : Enter a Display Name
    • Authorization name : Enter your SIP User

X-Lite Settings

CSIP Simple

CSIPSimple "OpenSource SIP" - for Android CSIPSImple Logo

Csipsimple is an open source Android project which will allow native sip for android device. It relies on the pjsip sip stack and use the pjsip-jni project. The use of this native library will ensure a better speed, call quality and less battery consumption than equivalent pure java projects. Another point is that this project will be compatible with most of SIP registrar and take advantage of the active development of the pjsip C stack.

Pjsip is an Open source SIP stack and media stack for presence, im/instant messaging, and multimedia communication

Csipsimple can be downloaded here.

Register your device with IP Comms DID Service.



To begin, you must first sign up and download the application from here.

For assistance, you can follow the FAQ page here.



Choose Options

Csipsimple- sample config


Click Basic

Csipsimple- sample config


  1. Go to each one of the settings and type in your IPComms credentials.

     For SIP Registration

     Account Name: IPComms
     User: username provided by IPComms
     Server: 2way.ipcomms.net or
     Password: password provided by IPComms

Csipsimple - sample config


Click Save


You should now see that your account is "Registered"; if not, verify the entered information for accuracy.

CSIPSimple Sample config - ipcomms


Starting at only:

Plus taxes & fees

Includes 1 USA local number & 2 lines
Upgrade anytime.

Add Intl Numbers - $4.99 each/mo.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee