Polycom SoundPoint IP 331

Setting up the Polycom SoundPoint 331




The Polycom SoundPoint IP 331 is a simple, reliable IP deskphone that offers Polycom HD Voice quality and enterprise-grade features.

The last thing your business needs is another set of technologies that will distract your teams from the business at hand. The most commonly requested phone features are the simple ones – often, all your teams need is a simple, reliable deskphone without the distraction created by advanced features.

The SoundPoint IP 331 is a two-line enterprise-grade IP deskphone with excellent sound quality that is easy to use. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

    This entry-level Phone offers:
  • Revolutionary voice quality, delivered through Polycom HD Voice technology
  • A High-resolution, backlit graphical display
  • Two lines
  • Ease of configuration and use


Configuration Instructions

    1. After logging in with the credentials Username:Polycom and Password:456 navigate to the Linesmenu.
    2. Enter the following information:

      Display Name: NXXNXXXXXX


      Authentication User ID:NXXNXXXXXX

      Authentication Password:Password given

      Server 1

      Address: 2way.ipcomms.net

      Port: 5060

      Transfer: UDPonly

    3. After selecting Submit, the phone will reboot. Next navigate to the Network tab
    4. Be sure to set the Network Address Translation (NAT) rule. If you are using a simple router that cannot change the outgoing IP Address. Here the IP Address (External) will be set. If you do not know your external IP it can be found whatismyip.com.
    5. Signaling Port:5060
    6. Media Port Start:10000.

Upon rebooting, your phone should be connected to start making and receiving calls. To test this you can call


The Polycom SoundPoint IP331 phone is a 2-line phone that is POE capable, and is made for light-medium usage. Overall the IP 331 features excellent sound quality, dual switched Ethernet, and is a great value at it's price point. One of the major downfalls in configuring the phone is that it needs to reboot after any changes made.

Polycom SoundPoint 300

Polycom SoundPoint 300 IP Phone 

With integrated video, voice, data, and Web capabilities, Polycom offers a solution that gives you an easy way to connect, conference, and collaborate any way you want.  The Polycom SoundPoint IP 300 provides an easy transition from traditional PBX features and functionality into the world of Voice over IP with dedicated hard keys and context sensitive soft keys. It has an intuitive user interface offering one button access to common telephony features, a two-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, and an information-rich display delivers content for messaging, call information, directory access, and applications. You'll also have the added benefit of listening to voice mail or conferences via one-way monitor speaker.

Configuration Instructions:

1. Log into the phone's configuration utility.

2. Click on the "Registration" tab then "Registration 1" and make the following changes:


Display Name: Enter your name.

Address:     Enter your IPComms Username

Auth User ID: Enter your IPComms Username

Auth Password:  Enter your IPComms password

Label:   Enter your IPComms Username

Server 1

Address:  2way.ipcomms.net

Port:  5060 

Click "Submit" and save your changes.

3. Now go to "Core Conf." tab. Under "Audio Processing" select G.729 first and G.711u second. Leave G.711A as not used. 

Click "Submit" and save your changes.

Start making calls!


Starting at only:

Plus taxes & fees

Includes 1 USA local number & 2 lines
Upgrade anytime.

Add Intl Numbers - $4.99 each/mo.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee