Troubleshooting your Grandstream Device

I am able to make outbound calls, but unable to receive inbound calls

This is most likely due to intermediate device like Router/Firewall blocking UDP ports for SIP. Make sure you're router or firewall has ports opened for SIP, RTP, etc like 5060, 5004. One way to check is by configuring a STUN Server (you can find free public STUN Server settings online) and then noticing the NAT type under STATUS page. If it says 'NAT type is full cone' you should be fine, but if it says symmetrical or port-restricted, you will need to make adjustments on the intermediate device.

For a full guide on Grandstream Troubleshooting please visit Grandstream

GXV 3240

Grandstream GXV3240 IP Video Phone

Grandstream GXV3240 Front

The GXV3240 Video IP Phone for Android™ combines a 6-line IP video phone with a multi-platform video conferencing solution and an Android smartphone to offer an all-in-one communications solution. This Video IP Phone runs the Android Operating System and therefore offers full access to the many Android apps in the Google Play Store™, including popular productivity and business apps. The phone features integrated Bluetooth, Gigabit ports, a built-in web browser, integrated WiFi, a 4.3 inch touch screen, HD audio and PoE. By combining the power of multiple devices into one, the GXV3240 is the ideal solution for all communication, productivity and video conferencing needs.

  • 4.3 inch (480×272) capacitive (5 points) touch screen TFT LCD, mega pixel CMOS sensor camera with privacy shutter.
  • 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts including FREE IPVideoTalk account with video mail, up to 6-way audio conference and 3-way video conference, phonebook with up to 1000 contacts, call history with up to 1000 records.
  • Integrate with Grandstream’s GXV-series of IP video surveillance cameras to view live camera feeds and to receive alerts/alarms from IP cameras installed on the same network.
  • HD wideband audio, full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation.
  • Offers a multi-platform video conferencing solution (Grandstream’s Free IPVideoTalk, Skype, Microsoft Lync, and more)

  • Configuration Instructions

    Using the web interface unlocks a large variety of settings that you choose from. Here are some of the key features that you might need to change when configuring the phone.

    Here’s how to access the web interface:
    Go to the connected phone. Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone.
    You should be in the “Account Status” menu. Scroll down under Network Status. You should see your IP address under “IP address”.

    Go to your browser and Type in the IP address. In this example, it would be
    Enter your username and password for the phone. (the default is admin/admin)

    Under Account in Network Settings, set NAT transversal to STUN
    Click Save at the bottom of the page
    GXV3240 STUN Settings

    Under Maintenance and SYSLOG:
    Remove Syslog Server URL and make sure that it is disabled:
    Click Save at the bottom of the page

    GXV3240 Syslog

    For extra Security, enabled HTTPS under  Maintenance and Web/ SSH Access ***OPTIONAL***
    Click Save at the bottom of the page

    GXV3240 Security

    Be sure to modify the codecs for PCMU only :
    Click Save at the bottom of the page

    GXV3240 Codecs

    Once completed, reboot the phone (top right corner) , and you should be ready to make calls.

    For more details view the complete Product Specifications

Handytone 286

Grandstream - HandyTone 286


Grandstream’s HandyTone 286 is a next generation, cost effective solution for consumers looking to transition from traditional analog telephone devices to the savings and benefits of an IP telephony network.  The product interfaces legacy analog telephones, fax machines, analog conference telephones and other analog devices to IP based telephony networks.  The HandyTone286 is an entry level Voice-over-IP device supporting one telephone number and one RJ-45 interface 10/100 mbps Ethernet network.

  • Interoperable with leading 3rd party VoIP providers
  • Plug-and-dial
  • Compatible with IP Communications SIP Services
  • Compact and light weight 
Register your Grandstream ATA with IP Comms Free Trial DID Service and begin receiving and placing calls. 

Configuration Instructions:



For the purposes of the configuration, the following instructions are for SIP registration accounts ONLY. With this device, you will need to place the adapter close to the analog phone you will be using.

For assistance, you can follow the FAQ page here.




Make sure your computer has the necessary requirements to sustain the PBX .  Once you have downloaded and installed your copy of Switchvox, open the web admin page at https://x.x.x.x/admin (where x.x.x.x is the ip address you gave to your Switchvox pbx). 




INSTALL THE Handytone 286

  1. Connect a standard touch-tone analog telephone (or fax machine) to FXS port.
  2. Insert the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of HT–286 and connect the other end of the Ethernet

    cable to an uplink port (a router or a modem, etc.)

  3. Insert the power adapter into the HT–286 and connect it to a wall outlet.Grandstream HT286 ATA



HT–286 stores a voice prompt menu (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) for quick browsing and simple
configuration. Pick up the handset and press the button on the HT–286 or dial “***” to use the IVR menu.

For a complete list of all IVR Menu Definitions click here.




Type the address into a web browser like this and you should see the following screen.

Also keep in mind that the device will read all three digits from each octet, Disregard the leading 0s. For example, would be




You will see the following screen. The default password is admin . You may change this password later if you choose.

HT286 Login



After you log in, you will see the following screen.

Ht286 Account Settings


For SIP Username/Password Registration Use the following config:

From the default configuration, you will only need to modify the following fields:

SIP Server: SIP Domain/Proxy (from provisioning letter)
SIP User ID: Enter the SIP Username (from provisioning letter)
Authenticate ID: Enter the SIP Username (from provisioning letter)
Authenticate Password: SIP Password (from provisioning letter)
Name: Your name


HT286 SIP Settings

SIP Registration: Yes

HT286 Registration



You can choose to change your codec to G.729A/B to save bandwidth, but not required.

HT286 Codecs



NAT Traversal: No

HT286 NAT Settings



NAT Traversal

Click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the form. Reboot the device and attempt to make a call.




Grandstream GXP1400/1405

Grandstream Logo

The GXP1400/1405 is Grandstream's standard HD IP phone for small-to-medium businesses, this Linux-based model includes 2 lines, 3 XML programmable soft keys, and 3-way conferencing. Both phones include dual 10/100M network ports and the GXP1405 includes integrated PoE. The GXP1400/1405 also includes multiple language capabilities and call-waiting.

Device Configuration

After entering your IP Address1, you will be taken to the web GUI and see the Account Status Screen.

Grandstream GXP1400 Account Status

Next go to the Accounts Tab and select Account 1

After selecting the Account you would like to use enter the following information

How to Configure your Account

After you are on the Account you would like to configure enter the information below

  • Account Name: IPComms this will be used as an identifier for the account
  • SIP Server:

  • SIP User ID: NPANXXXXXX (this will be your SIP User)
  • Authenticate ID: NXXNXXXXXX (this will be your SIP User)
  • Authenticate Password: Password (this is your SIP password)
  • Name: Enter your Name

Device Review

The Grandstream GXP1400/1405 is a great entry level phone at a entry level price around $50.The main features include; 2 SIP lines, dedicated Hold, Transfer, Conf buttons, wall mountable, and XML weather updates.

**The account that is set as Line 1 will be the default for outgoing calls

1If you do not have the IP Address, this can be obtained by pressing the NextScr twice (2x). Next enter the Address into the Address Bar, the login password is admin


Starting at only:

Plus taxes & fees

Includes 1 USA local number & 2 lines
Upgrade anytime.

Add Intl Numbers - $4.99 each/mo.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee