PBX in a Flash Installation, Setup & SIP Trunk Configuration

Outbound Routes

Configuring Outbound Routes and Dialing Patterns.

Outbound routes and outbound dialing patterns are set per trunk and carrier. Here we will setup a trunk that will allow us to not have to dial 1, even though the carrier requires it. To setup the trunk, so you do not have to dial the 1, simply add it inside the prepend. If you would like to have a group hit 8 or 9 simply add the digit inside the prefix

The use of a prefix will dial the prefix then strip it, then hit the prepend, then match the match pattern.

Outbound Routes are setup to select a trunk based on the number called by the customer. The priority of a trunk selection goes top-down till it selects the first available trunk that matches the pattern.

Dial Patterns are setup to allow you to use certain trunks for certain numbers. When setting up your plan for the use of a Prefix, after the number has been dialed it will strip the Prefix, add the Prepend then match the dialing pattern. International routing depends on your carrier, some need the 011, while some need just the country code. Multiple dialing plans may be added.

Dialing rules are used to add or subtract numbers that are sent from the trunk, this can allow easier international calling, 7-digit dialing. Route dial patterns specify what calls can be made out from that trunk, this can help with Least Cost Routing.


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