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How to fix MySQL error 127 for freePBX users

How to fix MySQL error 127 for freePBX users

Some end-users may experience a VERY generic DB ERROR when using Recordings or VoiceMail via web interface. This is due to a corrupt database because of permission changes or power outages.  Here is a quick way to fix.
You will need to know the name of the database and table that is being effected.
When checking the MySQL log (/var/log/mysql.log ) you may see something like :

~Error 127 for ./asteriskcdrdb/cdr ( or something similar)

  • log into server
  • run command : mysql -u root ( assuming no password was set)
    • If password was set, use mysql -u root -p and enter your password
  • type SHOW DATABASES; to make sure you can see the DB's ( notice the semicolon)

| Database           |
| information_schema |
| asterisk           |
| asteriskcdrdb      |
| mysql              |
| test               |
  • then type REPAIR TABLE asteriskcdrdb.cdr;
It make take a few minutes, depending on the CDR page
the results would come up where the last line of "OK", then exit

***Repairing the database might remove entries, so backing up would be ideal***


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