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Resetting your Server Root Password

Resetting a root Password

How to reset a root password in PIAF and generic RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) based systems.

Having the ability to reset your PIAF password in-case of a lock-out is very vital when it's necessary to keep a open communication. Resetting a password may take a few minutes.

    • Reboot your server
    • When you see the GRUB loader quickly press a key to disrupt the normal booting process

    • Press the letter "e" to edit
    • Highlight the vmlinuz ...Kernel selection and press the "e" to edit

    • On the end of that line, type,"single" to make the server boot in "single-user mode". Then type "b" this boot the system,and the bash prompt will appear.

    • Once the kernel is booted, you should see a command prompt
    • Type "passwd root" to reset your password
    • Reboot as normal and log in using your new password

You can see, there are options to reset other passwords in PIAF from this menu as well.

*This should work on most RHEL-based systems

***Some devices may have SELINUX enabled or enforced, so it may not work if that is the case.


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