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How to fix MySQL error 127 for freePBX users

How to fix MySQL error 127 for freePBX users

Some end-users may experience a VERY generic DB ERROR when using Recordings or VoiceMail via web interface. This is due to a corrupt database because of permission changes or power outages.  Here is a quick way to fix.
You will need to know the name of the database and table that is being effected.
When checking the MySQL log (/var/log/mysql.log ) you may see something like :

~Error 127 for ./asteriskcdrdb/cdr ( or something similar)

  • log into server
  • run command : mysql -u root ( assuming no password was set)
    • If password was set, use mysql -u root -p and enter your password
  • type SHOW DATABASES; to make sure you can see the DB's ( notice the semicolon)

| Database           |
| information_schema |
| asterisk           |
| asteriskcdrdb      |
| mysql              |
| test               |
  • then type REPAIR TABLE asteriskcdrdb.cdr;
It make take a few minutes, depending on the CDR page
the results would come up where the last line of "OK", then exit

***Repairing the database might remove entries, so backing up would be ideal***

Resetting your Server Root Password

Resetting a root Password

How to reset a root password in PIAF and generic RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) based systems.

Having the ability to reset your PIAF password in-case of a lock-out is very vital when it's necessary to keep a open communication. Resetting a password may take a few minutes.

    • Reboot your server
    • When you see the GRUB loader quickly press a key to disrupt the normal booting process

    • Press the letter "e" to edit
    • Highlight the vmlinuz ...Kernel selection and press the "e" to edit

    • On the end of that line, type,"single" to make the server boot in "single-user mode". Then type "b" this boot the system,and the bash prompt will appear.

    • Once the kernel is booted, you should see a command prompt
    • Type "passwd root" to reset your password
    • Reboot as normal and log in using your new password

You can see, there are options to reset other passwords in PIAF from this menu as well.

*This should work on most RHEL-based systems

***Some devices may have SELINUX enabled or enforced, so it may not work if that is the case.

Update FreePBX® to 2.10

Update FreePBX®  to 2.10

The main change from the 2.9 to 2.10 update is the layout of the menu buttons inside the GUI. Initially they were on the left hand side inside collapsible folders, now they are on the top of the page with drop down items.

      1. After logging in go to the ToolsTab and select Module Admin.
      2. Next select the Check Online
      3. Select the 2.10 Upgrade Tool inside the Admin section.
      4. Next select Process then Confirm
      5. Next go to the 2.10 Upgrade Tool inside the Tools.
      6. Then select Upgrade Now
      7. Next you will be given steps on how to complete the upgrade. Make sure to follow the instructions.

Next follow the instructions from the 2.10 Upgrade Tool

    1. First go to the Module Admin page and select Check Online, from there you will see an available upgrade. Simply select the Download and Upgrade to then select Process
    2. Next select Confirm. From there you will see a dialog box pop up with the changes being made.
    3. After the core of 2.10 has been installed you will see a few more modules appear.
    4. All modules can be updated at once, but for the purpose of this tutorial they will be done in blocks.
    • First we will Download and Upgrade to the Core, then Process the request.
    • After Confirming, a dialog box will appear near the middle of the screen.
    • After upgrading the Core the 2.11 Upgrade Tool will appear.
    • Next select to Upgrade to and Enable the FreePBX® Framewordk and the FreePBX ARI Framework
    • Finally select Upgrade all this will upgrade all other modules to 2.10 then Process


Review of 2.10

The layout of the 2.10 GUI has changed the layout and placement of the menu items from the left hand side as expandable items to a single row on the top with fewer items. Several items were also moved around,so be sure to take some time to re-navigate through the Menu's. There are no longer separate Menu's to navigate through to go Setup and Tools. Overall the management of Asterisk and file management has improved from 2.9 to 2.10.


FreePBX® is a Registered Trademark of Schmooze Com, Inc.

Update FreePBX® GUI to 2.11

How to update theFreePBX® GUI to 2.11

The update process to version 2.11 is very similar to the update of 2.10. The overall look of the GUI has not changed since the previous update, but some of the modules were cleaned up and reorganized.

  1. To begin navigate to the Module Admin this can be found in the Admin menu.
  2. Select Check Online
  3. Download the 2.11 Upgrade Tool
  4. After downloaded open the tool up and select Upgrade Now.
  5. First you will need to update the FreePBX Framework.
  6. Next upgrade the FreePBX ARI Framework
  7. Next upgrade the Core
  8. After installing the previous modules, all other systems module's will be updated.
  9. Updating all other modules in the system may take a few minutes. Then be sure to Apply Changes

Review of FreePBX 2.11

While there was no major change in the interface, there were some bug fixes and improved efficiency


FreePBX® is a Registered Trademark of Schmooze Com, Inc.



Webmin is a web based administration tool that allows you to make changes to the server without going through the command line. Webmin runs on port 9001 by default inside the PBX in a Flash GUI.

  • Webmin comes installed on PBX in a Flash. Webmin gives you administrative rights with a web based GUI about your system. From here you can make changes to your IP Address and hard drive mapping.
  • To login enter the information you used to enter through the CLI
  • After logging in you will be able to see modules available on the left hand side.
  • This module allows you to make changes through here instead of through the command line.
  • Through the GUI you will have multiple options to make changes to the server


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