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Technical Support

Common questions regarding IPComms technical support.

Do you have sample device configurations?

Yes, sample device configurations can be found on our Device Configuration Guide.

What VoIP protocols do you support?

Depending on your specific requirements, we support several delivery methods (VoIP protocols).  Below is a list of our supported delivery methods, and the associated Codec each supports.

  • SIP (g729, g711ulaw)
  • H323  (g729, g711ulaw)
  • IAX (g711ulaw)


Some restrictions apply.

TAGS: Codec, G.711, G.729, H.323, IAX, SIP
How do I contact technical support

Technical Support contact information can be found here.

Do you support T.38 Faxing?

IPComms transports T.38 through our network by allowing the T.38 UDPTL data to pass through to a T.38 PSTN gateway or other T.38 SIP device.  Upon detecting a fax tone, our network will send a re-INVITE to attempt to switch to T.38. If the re-INVITE fails, another re-INVITE will be sent to attempt to switch to G.711 ulaw (if not already ulaw).

More information regarding T.38...